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Together, we seek to:

strengthen and nourish healthy bodies

embrace the beauty and flavor of plant-based food

support sustainability and reverse environmental damage

end animal cruelty and raise the standard of care for all living things

Behind The Name

We are on a mission to change the earth and make a positive impact through sustainable eating. Gaia & Loki was founded in August 2020 during the height of the pandemic, and we held steadfast in our purpose while so many things seemed uncertain.

The name Gaia is attributed to Greek mythology: our Goddess Mother Earth who feeds and fosters all living things. Loki is revered as the mythological God of Fire and Change. Together, Gaia & Loki reflects our passion for honoring the earth and fueling global transformation.

Every bite impacts our eating habits, daily lives, and the wider world.

Peaceful and Purposeful at Every Step

Enjoy bright flavors, exciting textures, and authentic global inspiration. At Gaia & Loki, we always source locally grown, organic ingredients whenever possible. Our chef has built a network of local food suppliers and small businesses that are just as passionate about sustainable, ethical food as we are.

Sustainability is woven into everything we do, and we take our responsibility to Mother Gaia seriously. With fresh-pressed juice, vegan sandwiches, and seasonal salads, we have the power to reverse harm done by the dairy and meat industries.